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Fire it up with a Bonfire Smash!

Delight your friends with this Bonfire remix.


  • 3 Cans of Bonfire

  • 3 Fresh Blood Oranges

  • Fresh Cranberries

  • Soda Water

  • Ice

  • 1.5-2L Pitcher


  1. Slice 2 blood oranges and add to the pitcher

  2. Add a quarter cup fresh cranberries

  3. Lightly muddle the fruit to release their fragrance and oils.

  4. Top with ice.

  5. Crack open the 3 cans of BONFIRE and add them to the pitcher.

  6. Top with Soda Water to taste.

  7. Gently stir and pour. Garnish drinks with a blood orange slice and serve.

  8. Enjoy!

#drinklakelife #lakelifemixology #liveinthemoment


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